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Welcome to Wells Fargo's CTSLink®

CTSLink® Web Services provides secure reporting and data delivery to Corporate Trust Services' global customers and business partners. Corporate Trust Service provides comprehensive quality data delivered in industry-standard formats.

Information on securities issued by Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. may also be found at the SecuritiesLink Website.

Notice Regarding LIBOR Transition

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. is providing an informational notice, solely in its capacity as trustee, indenture trustee, successor trustee, and/or trustee roles for certain residential mortgage-backed securitization trusts regarding the potential cessation of LIBOR. As has been widely reported, on March 5, 2021, the ICE Benchmark Administration stated that it would cease publication of most USD LIBOR settings after June 30, 2023. Any party seeking to discuss any instruction, direction, or inquiry regarding the issues described in, or related to, this Notice may do so by contacting the Trustee consistent with the process described therein.

CMBS Reporting Change

CMBS is transitioning to a new reporting platform beginning with the September cycle. Delays in the availability of reports is expected, mostly with respect to the distribution date statements as additional time is being taken to review the data prior to posting.

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. will be making enhancements to the Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS) Distribution Date Statements beginning in September 2021 (originally scheduled for August). CRE-CLOs are expected to follow the new reporting beginning in September 2021 as well.

Please open this example of the Distribution Date Statement to view the new reporting format. Additionally, we have prepared a guide of the new reporting to help with the transition.

Please direct any questions to CMBSNewReportingQuestions@wellsfargo.com.

Our Products and Services

A leading player in each market we serve, CTS provides trustee, agency and fiduciary services for bondholders, investors and lenders.

Our services are typically used on asset- and mortgage-backed securitizations, municipal bonds and warehouse/conduit programs created by public and private corporations and government entities. Continually focused on providing value-added services to our clients, each of our below roles is delivered with unparallel industry expertise and a relationship focus that is second to none.

  • Trustee - As trustee, we protect the interests of the bondholders and investors by monitoring compliance with governing deal documentation
  • Cash administrator/paying agent - We collect servicer payments for distribution to investors and provide attractive investment options for funds held short term
  • Document custodian - We safely store loan and collateral files in our secure document custody vault for safekeeping; and as necessary review files to verify eligibility criteria is met
  • Backup servicing - Mitigating investor concern over servicer stability, we oversee servicers, provide reporting and are ready to assume or appoint successor servicing if necessary
  • Escrow agent - A neutral third party, we are often hired to hold cash, documents and other assets on behalf of two or more parties
  • Calculation agent - We independently model structured principal and interest payments to classes of securities and calculate the periodic distributions and resulting security balances
  • Master servicing/aggregation management - We oversee servicers' activity and provide investor reporting, default administration and cash management; to do so we collect, aggregate, reconcile, analyze and report on mortgage loans and associated cash remittances
  • Performance Reporting - Our secure, online reporting systems provide detailed collateral and portfolio analysis for lenders, issuers and investors


Wells Fargo has leveraged its dominant positions in the ABS, MBS, and CMBS markets to become a force in CDO administration. The group is proud of its success with premiere portfolio managers and issuers. Through our proprietary technology and superior customer service reputation you will benefit from our CDO services. The CDO Division has established itself as a solid player in CDO's comprised of ABS, MBS, REIT, High Yield, Investment Grade, Credit Default Swaps and CLO's comprised of syndicated bank loans. We also work on synthetic structures including bonds and balance sheet loans. More About Us