File Layouts

General Information

This page contains general information about the CTSLink/SecuritiesLink services and the file types you will find here, respectively. In addition to the general information files you will find several files which describe the layout and the field definitions of the data files found throughout the site, where applicable.


The default behavior for any file on this site is to open when clicked on with the left mouse button. This means that clicking on a file name or icon will open that file in your browser or other software registered for that file type such as a .PDF file opening Acrobat Reader and a .XLS file opening Excel. To download a file rather than opening it, right click on the file and select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" from the pop-up menu.

Zip Downloading is also available on our website. This feature allows the download of multiple files at a time to your system. To use this feature check mark any file using the small boxes next to the file type icons and click the Zip Download button. Note: If you select historical files for bulk downloading they will be placed in subdirectories on your individual PC/system hard drive using the naming convention /Ryyyymm.

File Descriptions - MBS

Short descriptions of each of the types of files available here are given below:

  • Liquidated Loan Loss - A loan-level breakdown of loans liquidated through the REO sale process. Provided are the sale proceeds amount, loss/gain amount, severity, etc.
  • Reset Rates - For certain tranches, the Pass-Through Coupon Rate for the next bond distribution cycle.
  • Trustee File - Issuer-level electronic version of current Distribution Summary Reports.

File Layouts - MBS

The following files contain the layouts for the various data files available on this service. These files detail the field names and their locations in the file.

BSI File Layout in PDF FormatBSI File Layout

BSI Files - Code Translations in ZIP FormatBSI File - Code Translations

ECF/Series Level Collateral File Layout in PDF FormatECF/Series Level Collateral File Layout

ECF/Series Level External Collateral File Parser in ZIP FormatECF/Series Level External Collateral File Parser

Shelf File Layout in PDF FormatShelf File Layout

Shelf File Parser in ZIP FormatShelf File Parser

ECF/Series/Shelf Collateral Files - Code Translations in ZIP FormatECF/Series/Shelf Collateral File - Code Translations

Factor Data File Layout in PDF FormatFactor File Layout

Trustee Information File Layout in PDF FormatTrustee File Layout

Archived File Layouts in ZIP FormatArchived File Layouts

Liquidated Losses Layout in PDF FormatLiquidated Losses Layout

File Layouts - CMBS

The following file layouts are as set by the Commercial Real Estate Finance Council (CREFC).

CMSA Loan Periodic File Layout in PDF FormatCREFC Loan Periodic File Layout

CMSA Bond File Layout in PDF FormatCREFC Bond File Layout

CMSA Collateral File Layout in PDF FormatCREFC Collateral File Layout

CMSA Property File Layout in PDF FormatCREFC Property File Layout

CMSA Loan Set Up File Layout in PDF FormatCREFC Loan Set Up File Layout

File Types

The following types of files are in general usage on these sites. Your browser may effect how they respond when you click on them, however the expected response is described below.

Plain Text Document Format Text files are viewable directly in your browser. If you want to save these reports to your local system use the file downloading instructions above.

Excel Document Format Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files. Your browser should prompt you to save them to a local directory. This format is usually compatible with most systems and data can be imported easily.

Portable Document Format Many of the documents on this site are in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Adobe provides a reader for multiple systems, which you can obtain for free at their site. Complete installation instructions may be found on the Adobe site.

Comma-Separated values Format CSV files are Text files that are provided in a "comma separated values" format. These files can be easily imported into most systems.

ZIP Archive Document Format ZIP is a compressed file format widely supported on PC and UNIX platforms. If you do not have a ZIP decompression utility on your PC, contact us for help on where to find one.

Data Type FormatText files that are provided in a fixed width format. These files can be easily imported into most systems.